What is Clay Things

Clay Things provides you with realistic-looking miniature food and dessert accessories, all baked to perfection. All products are handcrafted using high-quality polymer clay and materials and can be customised to your liking.

About the artist

Hi, I’m Julie, from Australia, and I’m the owner and creator behind Clay Things. I am a self-taught polymer clay artist and I love everything about desserts!

I was a programmer for a reputable company in the Philippines until we moved to Singapore for better opportunities. I decided to become a full time housewife when our first baby was born. I started learning how to make cakes and desserts to pass the time. Youtube, Google and cake magazines were my best friends. I attended workshops to up my skills and soon enough, I was making cakes for friends, and friends of friends. My cakes and desserts business, Brownie Box, was born.

Moving to Australia

We moved here in Australia and my love for cakes continued. I became a cake decorating instructor and even joined competitions and won! But having another child (and 10 kilos of weight gain later!) led me away from cakes and that’s when I discovered the world of polymer clay and decided to replicate the cakes and desserts I made into miniatures. And because of my background with cake making, it didn’t take me that long to develop my clay crafting skill. I found a way to do the thing I loved most and having sweets without the guilt!